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About Omega Pano

About Us

Omega Pano started operations in 1997, has succeeded in signing off on many first in the industry, and continues to produce panels in its 7,000 m² production space facility in Beylikdüzü / İstanbul since in 2015.

With the attribution of its production processes to its philosophy of quality and the increase of awareness in employees, Omega Pano has fulfilled the requirements of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 standards and succeeded in being the first preference of important sectors like cement, iron-steel, glass, data centers, energy, and petrochemicals.

It has become a company preferred in many of the countries to which it exports with its quality and post-sales services, thanks to its successful sales marketing strategies that it follows in either Turkish or international markets. Omega Pano continues its work in a manner that magnifies its quality and customer satisfaction and devotes a significant portion of its production to international projects.

Omega Pano manufactures panels whose assembly shape was designed by Siemens in accordance with type test norms by implementing the quality control standards of Siemens.

Produces, with Siemens technology;

- Sivacon S8 Fixed and Withdrawable type panel
- Sivacon S4
- Sivacon 8PT Fixed and Withdrawable type panel
- 8PU152
- Alpha Universal panel.